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Adult Criminal

The JDRDC hears cases involving Adults who are charged with Felony or Misdemeanor crimes against children or family members.

  • If an adult is charged with a felony, the JDRDC hears only the preliminary hearing.
    • In the preliminary hearing, a judge determines whether there is enough evidence to establish probable cause that the accused committed a crime.
    • After the preliminary hearing, a prosecutor presents the case to a Grand Jury.
    • If an indictment is returned by the Grand Jury, the Circuit Court holds the felony trial.
  • If an adult is charged with a misdemeanor, the JDRDC holds the trial.
Adult Probation Officers in Community Corrections Services provide Probation Supervision to Adults Convicted of Misdemeanor Offenses Against Children or Family Members.


Legal Definitions of Misdemeanor and Felony

  • Misdemeanor - Crime punishable by fine up to $2,500 or up to 12 months in jail, or a combination of fine and jail within these limits. 
    • See § 18.2-11 in the Code of Virginia for classification of misdemeanors and the punishment for each.
  • Felony - Crime punishable by death or confinement in the penitentiary. 
    • See § 18.2-10 in the Code of Virginia for classification of felonies and the punishment for each.
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