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Ignition Interlock Device FAQs

  • There are four (4) providers to choose from.

  • Bring your "green sheets" (DC-265 order) to the ASAP front desk during our walk in hours.

  • Also bring the car information/copy of registration card of the car you will install interlock on.

  • Inform the front desk which of the 4 providers you have chosen. ASAP will then fax your referral to the provider you have chosen.

  • After leaving the ASAP office, wait at least ONE hour before calling your chosen provider to schedule an installation appointment.

  • Have the interlock installed in your vehicle at your scheduled installation appointment/location. If the car is NOT registered in your name, the person who owns the car must go with you to the installation appointment or you must bring a notarized letter with you from the owner stating that you have permission to use the vehicle and have interlock installed.

  • Purchase FR-44 insurance from your insurance provider.

  • Once installed, come back to the ASAP front desk during our walk-in hours. Bring with you your "green sheets" (DC-265 order) and proof of installation from your interlock provider. The ASAP office will then enter that information into the DMV system for you and sign/validate the last sheet of your DC-265 order.

  • You may now go to the DMV to obtain your plastic restricted driver’s license IF it has been between 30 to 60 days of the date the Court issued your restricted license.

  • You may switch interlock provider ONLY if the VASAP Commission office approves your request.

  • In your request, you must provide specific information to the Commission office that explains the reason(s) to request the change of provider.

  • Unless approved by the Commission office, no change to your interlock provider will be made once you have installed interlock in your vehicle.

  • If you have interlock on your vehicle as a result of a restricted license order from the Court (DC-265 order), and that order has not yet expired, you MUST petition the Court to remove your interlock requirement.

  • The Judge is the ONLY person who can allow interlock removal during the period of your restricted license.

  • If your restricted license has expired, and you have met your 6-month, no violations, requirement, your Probation Officer can automatically send removal authorization to your interlock provider. You will not need to petition the Court in this circumstance.

  • Provide each and every retest that the interlock device requests/instructs you to provide.

  • Do not stop providing retests until you have successfully been able to start your vehicle.

  • Call your Probation Officer and leave a voicemail explaining the time of your violation and what you had eaten and/or drank that day and the previous day.

  • Any violation that is NOT successfully cleared with retests, or if you do not provide all requested retests until you successfully start your vehicle, will result in notification to the Court. The Court may impose any portion of your suspended sentence and revoke your driving privileges.

  • You will also either be referred for a substance abuse treatment assessment or your current substance abuse treatment plan will be increased.

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