Lake Accotink Park

CONTACT INFORMATION: Park hours: Dawn to dusk daily. Office hours:10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.
703-569-3464 TTY 711
7500 Accotink Park Road
Springfield, VA 22150
Dan Grulke
Site Manager

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Lake Accotink Trails

Walk or bike along the main trail for picturesque views of the lake and surrounding forest and marsh habitat. Waterfowl and other birds are prevalent. For nature-lovers, a typical sight in the warmer months is a line-up of Eastern painted turtles sunning on logs in the coves. The single-track trails get you up on higher ground where solitude is common and the forest seems endless. You may forget where you are until you hear the sound of an express train going by on the Norfolk-Southern Railway. Listen closely for the whoosh of approaching bikes around the bend or the rustle of leaves as walkers and their dogs amble along. Enjoy safe and peaceful trails by following and encouraging others to adhere to trail rules and regulations, including staying on the right and yielding to walkers.

Lake Accotink Park has miles of trails, all of which are multi-use. The trail on the north side of the lake, as well as the paved trail downstream from the lake, are part of the Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail which traverses Fairfax County. South of the lake, the forest between the main trail and the railroad tracks has developed an extensive network of single-track trails which are popular with bikers and hikers. To protect the forest habitat, users should stay on established trails and avoid creating new ones. Many of the trails feature steep inclines and some lead off park property. Signage is not provided, so users should bring hand-held technology for wayfinding. The main trail by the dam spans Accotink Creek and frequently floods during and after heavy rainfall. At such times, the water runs swiftly and users should NOT attempt to cross.

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