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Jesse Coffman,
Director, Golf Enterprises

Virginia State Golf Association Handicap


Due to inclement weather, some courses may be closed. Please call before visiting.

Park and Play Safety Guidelines

Burke Lake Golf Course Fall 2020 Construction

Sign-up for your Virginia State Golf Association Handicap (VSGA) at a Golf Fairfax golf course.

The annual fee of $47 entitles you to:

  • Full access to the Golf Handicap and Information Network (GHIN) both in our clubhouse & on-line
  • Eligibility to play in tournaments
  • Subscription to eRevision, a service that e-mails your handicap to you after each revision
  • Bi-monthly subscription to Virginia Golfer, a publication of the VSGA

Visit your course of choice to sign up!

  • Greendale Golf Course - 703-971-3788
  • Laurel Hill Golf Club - 703-493-8849
  • Jefferson District Golf Course - 703-573-0444
  • Pinecrest Golf Course - 703-941-1061
  • Twin Lakes Golf Course - 703-631-9099


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