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Stempson House

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Stempson House

The circa 1937 Stempson House is a vernacular style residence with Colonial Revival style elements. The house is significant due to its association with the Occoquan Workhouse and Reformatory, later known as Lorton Prison, which incorporated Progressive Era reform ideals, and for its association with the Women's Suffrage movement of the early 1900s.

In 1910, the land on which the Stempson House is located was purchased by the United States federal government for the prison. In 1937, amongst the Lorton Reformatory orchard trees, prisoners constructed a residence for a prison officer. Ultimately, the residence was converted for use by the prison security office.

The three bay by two bay frame house measures approximately 1,500 square feet with a garage of approximately 400 square feet. It has three porches. The basement walls, chimneys, portico floors, walkways and basement areaways are of brick construction. The construction materials and methods used are typical of residential housing construction in the early 1930s. The home has a living room, office, kitchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath and 2 half baths and an unfinished attic.

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