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2019 - 2020 South County SSPA Process - Track a Nomination

Tracking the Progress of a Nomination

Information on the 2019-2020 South County SSPA nominations can be viewed below. Click on a section heading to expand. Detailed information for each nomination is available by clicking on the nomination numbers in the List of Accepted Nominations table or through the interactive web map.  Copies of the nominations are also available at the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) Planning Division Office and at the Planning Commission Office. Call the Planner-of-the-Day, Planning Division, DPD, at 703-324-1380, TTY 711, for more information.

Nominations Locator Map

2019-2020 South County SSPA Nominations Map

List of Accepted Nominations

Nomination Number Nomination Name Tax Map Number Supervisor District
PC19-LE-001 Beacon Hill Apartments

92-2 ((1)) 16A; 16D; 16E

PC19-LE-002 Loisdale Townhouses 90-4 ((1)) 3, 4, 5 Lee
PC19-LE-003 NVCC/INOVA Medical Center 90-4 ( (1 )) 11C Lee
PC19-LE-004 Potomac Steel 99-2 ((1)) 3 Lee
PC19-LE-005 Hilltop Village Shopping Center 100- ((1)) 9E; 100- ((1)) 9F; 100- ((1)) 9D; 100- ((1)) 9G; 100- ((1)) 9H; 100- ((1)) 9C Lee
PC19-LE-006 5605 Oakwood Road 91-2-((3))-12A Lee
PC19-LE-007 - Withdrawn Mount Vernon Tennis, Gym, and Athletic Club 101-2((1))14; 101-2((1))15 Lee
PC19-LE-008 6235 Brandon Ave 80-4((1))5C2 Lee
PC19-LE-009 5604 Oakwood Road 81-2 ((3)) 24, 26, 26A, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 32B, 33, 34, 34B, 35, 36A, 36B, 37, and 37A Lee
PC19-MA-001 First Christian Church 51-3 ((1)) 0025 Mason
PC19-MA-002 6152 Leesburg Pike 0513 01 0021A Mason
PC19-MA-003 6420-6443 Arlington Blvd and 6220 Spring Terrace 0513 05 0008; 0513 05 0030; 0513 05 0009; 0513 05 0010; 0513 05 0011; 0513 05 0012; 0513 05 0013; Mason
PC19-MA-004 4312 Ravensworth Road - Public Storage 0711 01 0020 Mason
PC19-MA-005 Western Annandale CBC 59-4 ((6)) 10, 19B, 20C, 20D; 60-3 ((12)) 5, 6, 7, 8; 71-1 ((2)) 4 Mason
PC19-MA-006 Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center 51-3 ((1)) 19B, 21A, 22; 51-3 ((20)) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7; 51-4 ((11)) 6, 7 Mason
PC19-MV-002 Engleside Trailer Park/Ray's Mobile Home Colony 101-3 ((1)) 28, 29B, 30 B1, 30C; 31C, 23, 33; 101-3 ((9)) (1) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 500, 501, C1; 103-3 ((9)) (2) B Mount Vernon
PC19-MV-003 8160-8208 Mount Vernon Highway 101-2 ((1)) 29A, 29C, 29D; 101-4 ((1)) 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 Mount Vernon
PC19-MV-004 - Withdrawn Gum Springs 101-2 ((1)) 64A, 66, 67, 65, 60, 60A, 61, 63, 59, 53, 54A, 54B; 102-1 ((1)) 61A, 61 Mount Vernon
PC19-MV-005 Huntington Metro Station 0833 01 088D; 8031 01 0017E Mount Vernon
PC19-MV-006 10208 Old Colchester Road 1132 01 0053 Mount Vernon
PC19-MV-007 - Withdrawn Belle View Shopping Center 93-2 ((1)) 0001; 93-2 ((1)) 0002; 93-2 ((1)) 0004; 93-1 ((1)) 0072 Mount Vernon
PC19-MV-009 2806 Popkins Lane 93-1((1))7 Mount Vernon
PC19-MV-011 2550 Huntington Ave 83-1((1))33; 83-1((1))343D; 83-1((1))34E; 83-1((1))34F Mount Vernon

2019-2020 South County SSPA Nominations Book

View and download a copy of the complete collection of the 2019-2020 South County Site-Specific Plan Amendment Process nominations to amend the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan.



Task Force Meeting Information

The SSPA Task Forces will meet electronically in July-September 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see below for a schedule of the upcoming meetings.

Lee District Task Force

Mount Vernon District Task Force

Mount Vernon Task Force Roster


Mason District Task Force

New to WebEx Meetings?

The SSPA Task Forces will be meeting electronically through a video conferencing platform called WebEx. Members of the public may participate in the WebEx meetings by registering through the video conference link or an audio-only phone line (TTY 711) with the event code provided with the Task Force meeting information above. In order to ask a question or provide a comment at the appropriate time during the meeting, either “Raise your hand” in the video conference, or dial *3 from your phone. This will alert the meeting host that you wish to speak.

To request a training on the platform, please email at least one week prior to the meeting you wish to attend.

For more information on how to get setup with WebEx, please view the WebEx Attendee Guide.

Community Engagement

How To Get Involved

There are five main ways you can get involved:

1.  Attend Task Force Meetings – The Task Forces will review the nominations from July through September 2020 in a series of public meetings, which will be held virtually via Webex due to the Governor’s Emergency Declaration regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The public can attend and participate in these meetings through the video conference platform or by phone. There will be an opportunity for public comment at each meeting. The task force meetings will be recorded and will be published online following the meetings.

Language translation services for the task force meetings are available to those who speak a language other than English. To request translation, call 703-324-4256 (TTY 711) or at least one week before the meeting date.

2.  Submit a Comment to the Task Forces – Public comments to the task forces may be submitted via email or through pre-recorded video messages to the District Supervisor’s offices:

3.  Attend and/or Provide Testimony to the Planning Commission - The Task Forces will share their recommendations with the Planning Commission before they host a series of public hearings on the nominations in Fall 2020. Then, the Planning Commission will make a recommendation on which nominations will be added to the Work Program to the Board of Supervisors, who will take action on the Work Program. For more information on the Planning Commission, the public hearings and how to provide testimony, visit the Planning Commission's webpage.

4.  Connect with UsSign up to receive free email updates by selecting “Comprehensive Plan Announcements” in the county’s subscription list or follow the Fairfax Land Use Planning Facebook page for the latest information about SSPA. 

5.  Spread the Word – Whether you can attend a task force meeting or wish to submit comment, you can share the nominations and the task force meeting information with others.

Need a Translation?

If you would like to request the translation of documents distributed by the Fairfax County Department of Planning and Development, call 703-324-4256 or email us. If you would like to request an interpreter for a meeting, you must submit the request no later than one week before the meeting.

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