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Case Number: FE-2017-1245

Date Documents PDF
12/03/2018 Order from November 28, 2018 Plea Hearing View
11/28/2018 Order to Correct Defendant’s Date of Birth View
11/28/2018 Order to Vacate Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Testificandum View
11/28/2018 Order to Authorize Funds for Witness Depositions View
11/20/2018 Order Regarding Change of Plea View
11/05/2018 Order Continuing Motion to Quash View
11/02/2018 Order Setting Additional Motions Hearings Dates View
11/01/2018 Order Regarding Discovery of Juror Information View
10/30/2018 Order from October 25, 2018 Hearing View
10/29/2018 Order Regarding Defense Motion #100 (Environmental Sampling) View
10/25/2018 Order Withdrawing Defense Motion #103 View
10/24/2018 Order Regarding Neurological Testing View
10/23/2018 Order Setting Hearing on Neurological Testing View
10/15/2018 Order to Set Hearing on Defense Motions #102 and 104 View
10/12/2018 Order Regarding Juror Questionnaire View
10/12/2018 Order Regarding Alternate Voir Dire View
10/12/2018 Order for Jury Panel List View
10/12/2018 Order Authorizing Funds for Neurological Testing View
10/02/2018 Order from September 27, 2018 Hearing View
10/02/2018 Order Setting Hearing on Motion to Quash View
09/27/2018 Order for Appointment of Immigration Attorney View
09/27/2018 Order for Forensic Testing View
09/27/2018 Order for Expedited Transcription View
09/27/2018 Order for Additional Hours for Court-Appointed Neurotoxicologist View
09/27/2018 Order for Appointment of Neurologist View
09/19/2018 Order Setting Hearing for Motion to Suppress View
09/06/2018 Order from August 31, 2018 Hearing View
08/31/2018 Material Witness Order View
08/31/2018 Order Authorizing Funds for Additional Security and Logistics View
08/27/2018 Order Withdrawing Defense Motion #63 for Forensic Testing View
08/27/2018 Order Setting August 24, 2018 Hearing View
08/24/2018 Order Sealing Defense Motions #69, 70, and 72 View
08/24/2018 Order Regarding Proposed Order to Seal Defense Motions #69-72 View
08/13/2018 Letter Opinion and Order Regarding Defense Motion #63 (Ex Parte Motion for Forensic Testing) View
07/27/2018 Order from July 26, 2018 Hearing View
07/26/2018 Order Appointing Crime Scene Expert View
07/26/2018 Order Appointing DNA Expert View
07/13/2018 Order Placing Defense Motion #63 Under Seal View
07/02/2018 Order from June 28, 2018 Hearing View
06/28/2018 Order Withdrawing Motion to Designate Court-Appointed Interpreter View
06/28/2018 Order Prohibiting Inquiries Into the Immigration Status of Witness Without First Obtaining the Court’s Ruling View
06/28/2018 Order Authorizing Funds for Attorney Travel to El Salvador View
06/15/2018 Order Regarding Material Witness View
06/04/2018 Memorandum Opinion and Order Regarding Defense Motion #50 View
05/29/2018 Order from May 24, 2018 Hearing View
05/24/2018 Order Appointing Psychologist View
05/24/2018 Order Granting Additional Hours for Bilingual Mitigation Specialist View
05/24/2018 Order Appointing Neurotoxicologist View
05/23/2018 Order Appointing Prison Risk Expert View
04/27/2018 Order from April 25, 2018 Hearing View
04/25/2018 Order Authorizing Additional Funds for Mitigation Records Collection View
04/03/2018 Order Placing Subpoena Duces Tecum Under Seal View
04/02/2018 Order for Discovery and Inspection View
03/30/2018 Order from March 29, 2018 Hearing View
03/30/2018 Temporary Protective Order View
03/29/2018 Order to Appoint Forensic Pathologist View
03/22/2018 Defense Motion for Bill of Particulars View
02/27/2018 Order from February 22, 2018 Hearing View
02/26/2018 Order of Recusal View
02/26/2018 Order Setting Hearing View
02/22/2018 Order Authorizing Travel Funds for Mitigation Investigation View
02/22/2018 Order Designating Ex Parte Judge for Defense Expert #3 View
01/22/2018 Order from January 18, 2018 Hearing View
01/19/2018 Order Designating Ex Parte Judge for Defense Expert #2 View
01/19/2018 Order Designating Ex Parte Judge for Defense Expert #1 View
01/18/2018 Order for Appointment of Mitigation Psychologist View
01/18/2018 Order for Preparation of Transcripts View
01/03/2018 Order Regarding Filing Invoices Under Seal View
12/19/2017 Order from December 14, 2017 Hearing View
12/14/2017 Order Anticipating Expenditures for Obtaining Documents View
12/14/2017 Order Appointing Defense Mitigation Specialist View
12/14/2017 Order Appointing Bilingual Criminal Investigator View
12/14/2017 Order Authorizing Funds for Spanish/English Translation View
12/14/2017 Order with Regard to Designating an Ex Parte Judge View
11/20/2017 Order from the November 20, 2017 Hearing and Speedy Trial Waiver View
11/13/2017 Order Setting Motions Hearing Dates View
11/13/2017 Order from November 13, 2017 Hearing View
11/13/2017 Supplemental Order for Appointment of Council View
11/13/2017 Agreed Order for Appointment of Counsel View
11/03/2017 Order Appointing Counsel View
10/25/2017 Order Addressing Procedural Issues View
10/25/2017 Order Changing the Status Hearing Date View

Case information and images are being provided online for public court documents filed in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Images are redacted pursuant to Virginia Code 17.1-293(B).

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Case information and images are being provided online for public court documents filed in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Redacted pursuant to VA Code 17.1-293(B).

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