Burke Lake Park

CONTACT INFORMATION: Park grounds are open from sunrise to sunset. Information Office open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
703-323-6600 TTY 711
7315 Ox Road
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
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Burke Lake Park Scout Programs

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Scout BSA merit badges are offered that fulfill most of the badge requirements. Certified merit badge counselors will work with your scout to fulfill the remainder of the badge activities.

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Scouts Programs

Buddy Camper, 1.0 hour
Eco Learner, 1.0 hour
Outdoor Art Maker, 1.0 hour
Space Science Explorer, 1.0 hour

Cabin Camper, 1.5 hours 
Bugs Naturalist, 1.5 hours 
Eco Friend, 1.5 hours 
Hiker, 1.5 hours  
Letterboxing, 1.5 hours  
Outdoor Adventurer, 2.0 hours 
Outdoor Art Creator, 1.5 hours 
Senses, 1.5 hours 
Space Science Adventurer, 1.5 hours
Eco Explorer, 1.5 hours 

Animal Habitats, 1.5 hours  
Camper, 2.0 hours 
Eco Camper, 2.0 hours  
Flowers, 2.0 hours  
Geocacher, 2.0 hours 
Outdoor Art Explorer, 2.0 hours  
Space Science Investigator, 2.0 hours 
Trail Adventure, 2.0 hours 

Archery, 3.0 hours 
Night Owl, 2.0 hours 
Eco Trekker, 2.0 hours 
Trailblazing, 2.0 hours 
Trees Naturalist, 2.0 hours 

Eco Explorer, 2.0 hours 
Paddling, 2.0 hours 

Outdoor Camping, 2.0 hours 
Girl Scout Campfire Safety, 2.0 hours

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