Burke Lake Park

Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: Park grounds are open from sunrise to sunset. Information Office open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

TTY 711

7315 Ox Road
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Christopher Goldbecker,
Lakefront Parks Manager

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Burke Lake Park Marina

Operating Status

Marinas/Amusements may close early or be put on hold due to weather conditions. Please call in advance to determine the operational status when inclement weather has occurred or is forecasted to occur.

NOTICE: Swimming, windsurfing, and paddle boarding are prohibited. For more information, please read here. Details >>

Burke Lake Park's centerpiece is a 218-acre lake with 5.25 miles of fishing shoreline, four fishing bulkheads at the state game area, a new fishing pier, and a boat launching dock. Both the fishing bulkheads and the fishing pier are accessible to persons with disabilities. A 4.68 trail surrounds the lake starting at the marina parking lot.

VIDEO: Burke Lake Electro-Fishing Survey

Great Fishing Right here in Fairfax County! "Phenonmenal." That's how the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources describes the Largemouth Bass population at Burke Lake Park. The lake is ranked tops among the state's "small impoundments" in relative stock density of preferred fish, which measures the percentage of the population comprised of big fish at least 15 inches long. The lake also features Walleye, Muskie, Catfish, Black Crappie, Yellow and White Perch, and a variety of Sunfish and Bluegill. Virginia residents age 16 and up need a fishing license to try their luck at Burke. 


Please Note:

  • Privately owned boats with electric motors are permitted on the lake.
  • No gasoline powered water-craft are permitted.
  • Inflated boats may be used on the lake, provided they have a minimum of three separate air chambers.
  • A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is required for each person on the water.
  • To be eligible to rent a boat, an individual must be 18 years or older and possess a photo ID. Once rented someone aged 16 or older must be aboard the rental boat at all times.
  • Three persons maximum on all boats.
  • Pets are not permitted on rental or tour boats
  • No remote controlled or sail boats are permitted.
  • Swimming and windsurfing are prohibited.

Visit The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources for more information on Lake Burke.

Bait available: Night Crawlers, Chicken Livers, Clam Snouts, Shrimp, and Squid. Call to be sure requested bait is available.

Fishing tackle also available: Hooks, Bobbers, and Sinkers.

Important Forms and Documents

Boat Launch Fees

Single Launch¹ $6.00*
Season Pass $40.00
  • Launching: All boats launched will pay a $6.00 launch fee.
  • The charge for launching your boat is only in effect when the bait house is open between the months of April through October.
  • Inflated boats may be used on the lake, provided they have a minimum of three separate air chambers.
  • Kayaks, unless used for fishing, are prohibited in Burke Lake from either access.
  • Must be 16 years or older and possess a driver's license to rent. The individual who rented the boat must be aboard the rental boat at all times.

Rowboat Rentals³
(includes life preservers and oars)

Rowboat Rentals Weekdays Weekends/Holidays
Half-day Rental¹ $15²* $16*
Full Day Rental¹ $20.00²* $21.00*
Life Preserver, each (required)
Sizes: XL, L, M, S, Infant

Fishing Kayak Rentals
(includes life preserver and paddle)

Half-day Rental¹ $28.00* $32.00*
Full Day Rental¹ $40.00* $45.00*

Canoe Rentals
(includes life preservers and paddles)

Half-day Rental¹ $17.50²* $21.00*
Full Day Rental¹ $32.50²* $36.50*

Battery Only

Half-day Rental¹ $11.00* $12.00*
Full Day Rental¹ $13.50* $14.00*
¹Full day rentals begin at 10:30 a.m. Half day rentals begin at 3 p.m.

²Seniors ( age 65 or older) receive 35% discount Monday - Friday, excluding Holidays for Rowboat portion of fee only.

³Up to three personal flotation devices are included in rental fee.

*Item fee includes tax.

Marina Schedule

Please call our Information Office with questions 703-323-6600.

Marina Schedule Open Last Rental Return Time Close

Summer 2023 (Daily)

8 a.m. 6:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 8 p.m.

Last rental 4:30 p.m.
Last boat return time 5:30 p.m.

When bad weather strikes, the park may need to alter the normal operating schedule. Call the Information Center, 703-323-6600, to determine the status during inclement weather.

Burke Lake Tour Boat Back In the Water

Burke Lake Boat Tours

Burke Lake boat tours guide guests around Burke Lake, a 218-acre body of water that offers wonderful opportunities for fishing. These guided tours allow Fairfax County Park Authority staff to share with park patrons the beautiful shoreline, information about wildlife and native fauna, as well as panoramic vistas from the water.

Regular Tours are running weekends April to October from 11 a.m. with the last run at 5 p.m. These 30-minute tours can accommodate 24 people and run at the top of every hour. Visitors can purchase tickets at the Bait House. Tickets are $4 on weekends. Children 2 years of age or younger are Free.

Tour Boat reservations can only be made for Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m., with the last run at 6 p.m. 60-minute tour boat reservations for a minimum of 11 people start at $33. Additional individuals are $3 with a max of 24 people per tour. Call the Information Center at 703-323-6600 to schedule your tour today. Reservations should be made with at least 2 weeks' notice.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing Kayaks

Burke Lake Park introduces its two brand new Fishing Kayaks! Glide around the peaceful lake in these specialty kayaks. Each single person sit upon kayak has four fishing pole holders, two easily accessible live wells, and plenty of space for all of your gear! Kayak Rentals are available for launch from the Bait House. Kayaks will only be rented to those who are fishing.

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