Greendale Golf Course

CONTACT INFORMATION: Course opens at 8:30am, closes at dusk. Weather Permitting.
703-971-6170 TTY 711
6700 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA 22310
Peter Kim
General Manager

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Greendale Golf Instruction

Learning golf need not be difficult, time consuming or expensive. To play the game requires a club swing that is, in reality, a series of uncomplicated sequential physical actions. Almost everyone has the physical strength and manual dexterity required. It is not necessary to hit crushing long shots to enjoy the game. If you have the desire to learn and the discipline to practice, you can develop the strength and dexterity needed to control the club and achieve satisfying results.

5 Lesson Package

Lesson 1 - Grip, posture, alignment, half-swing, exercise, practice routine

Lesson 2 - Review lesson #1, the full swing, swing checks, self-analysis, corrective practice techniques

Lesson 3 - Swing check, use of clubs, ball flight physics, measure swing speed, record distance per club

Lesson 4 - Putting, putting green etiquette and basic chipping

Lesson 5 - On-course play lesson: tee shots, fairway play, rules, handicap, etiquette, bad lies


  • Golf clubs are provided during lessons if needed.
  • No more than three persons please.
  • Guidance on purchasing clubs and other equipment is available on request.
  • Gift certificates are available for all lessons.
  • Previous student references are provided upon request.

Please contact Jim Loftus, Golf Instructor for Lesson Information, (Mobile) 703.436.1838, (Home) 703.768.6623

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