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Frying Pan Farm Park Picnic Area

Picnic Line: 703-324-8732

Picnic Reservations

Thank you for your interest in a Fairfax County Park Authority park for your picnic! We are proud of our parks and are confident that you will enjoy your day. Keep in mind sites are in great demand, so make your reservation early.

Picnic reservations for 2018 open January 1, 2018. Any applications sent in before that date will not be considered.

After January 1, 2018 you may begin to make reservations by downloading and completing the Picnic Area/Picnic Shelter Application and submitting it along with appropriate payment.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will issue to you a Validated Permit.

*Rental Fee is a per day, single use rate.
**Half day reservations available April 1 through May 26 and October 1 through November 31, for 9am-1:30pm or 3:30-8pm. Rental Fee is a per half day, single use rate.
¹ Prime rates apply Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays.
² Non-Prime rates apply Monday through Thursday.

*Rental Fee is per day, single use rate.
**Sports Bags are not available without a picnic reservation.

Under ConstructionUPDATE!
Starting in 2019, the Picnic Department will no longer offer sports bag rentals at Frying Pan Farm Park. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Frying Pan Park Shelter

Frying Pan Park Shelter Capacity: 180
Maximum Capacity: 180
Tables: 18 (Exact amount may vary)
Grills: 2
Electricity: Yes
Prime¹: $335*
Non-Prime²: $225*
Prime¹ Half Day: $215**
Non-Prime² Half Day: $170**

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Rental Fee: $25*

Sports Bag rental includes; 3 Frisbees, 1 Bocce set, 1 Football, 1 Kick ball, 1 Soccer ball, 1 Wiffle ball, 1 Wiffle bat, Tug-of-war rope (optional).

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