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Stormwater Management

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If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Neighborhood flooding

Report a Problem
for other flood emergenices or non-emergency problems

Find information on how to protect your property from flooding, what is a floodplain, building around a floodplain, national flood insurance program, the community rating system, and dam safety.

Storm Drainage System

It's a network of structures, channels and underground pipes that carry stormwater (rain water) to ponds, lakes, streams and rivers.

Find out what the storm drainage system is, where to see the public system, who maintains the drainage system, who maintains the easement, where to call to report a problem or get more information, what you can do to help.

Outfall Restoration at Stone Mill Court

Wastewater Management

Drinking Water - Wastewater - Stormwater

Water's JourneyClean water is our most important resource. To preserve water quality for future generations, we need to understand where water comes from, how we use it, and where it goes when it leaves our homes and businesses. Learn how drinking water, wastewater and stormwater runoff are managed by separate systems in Fairfax County and where you can get help and find more information.

Flood Response Maps

Barcroft Dam

Belle View/New Alexandria

Burke Centre Sec 11B

Carrington Sec 1A Regional D-107

Dulles Station at Dulles Corner Regional

Fairfax Center Regional D-77

Fairview Lake (Reservoir 2A)

Fox Lair Regional

Hampton Forest

Hunter Mill Estates Regional D-52/25


Huntsman Lake (Pohick Creek 8)

Kings Park West Sec 18

Kingstowne Pond No. 4

Lake Barton (Pohick Creek 2)

Lake Braddock (Pohick Creek 7)

Lake Mercer (Pohick Creek 1)

Lake Royal (Pohick Creek 4)

Pulte/McLean 100 Regional D-67

Reston Northern Sector Pond 1

West Ox Road Regional

Woodglen Lake (Pohick Creek 3)

Recycling and Trash

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Disposal Center Drop Off

At Home Pick Up

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View Who Picks Up My Trash to find out if you receive trash and recycling collection services from Fairfax County Government.

Customers with private collection service should contact their provider directly.

For County Collection Customers Only

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

no paper, no plastic, yes canvas, My grocery bag is better than your grocery bag

Before recycling, consider ways to reduce your trash, reuse items in other ways, then recycle where possible before throwing stuff away.

Residential Recycling Requirements

Recycling at Multifamily Properties

Recycle or Trash? Index of Materials

Free Mulch

Document Shredding

Collection and Disposal Industry

Educators, Students & Ambassadors

transfer station tour

Find out how to take a tour of one of our trash and recycling disposal centers, arrange for a guest speaker, and watch great videos.